Entertainment built in

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I did this about a year ago and just now took the time to post it. I used poplar wood panels and butted them together, to frame our tv. This would be the view from where the sofa sectional ( the one from the post before this one) sits.




Built a sectional

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Went to some contemporary stores for a sofa sectional and finally decided to build and upholster my own….











Another vector style painting! Twiggy

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Painting process (sketch~one layer at a time~then the details). Voilà! It’s done, and ready to go in my wife’s office @ MOD SKIN STUDIO . I recently did a painting for my wife Haley in a vector style, which sold in a week, so this the replacement.



Vector Acrylic Painting

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I did this painting for my wife’s office, she said she wanted something MOD, and this is what I came up with.20111101-140106.jpg

A New Medium

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I have been practicing a new medium, METAL & WELDING! & I like it! Thank you Bobby T. for showing me the ropes (can’t take credit for L B weld, Bobby did that part)! First project, raised food bowl for Le Beau my PUP (also featured in the photos).

Sketches from Art Skype Sessions w/ Timmy Duong

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Okeeeeeyyyyyyyyy I have really tried to use the Art Studio Space in the Garage!!!

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Well I had BIG intention to use my new space I created in garage, but simply if it is not convenient, you just don’t seem to use it! (Speaking for myself of course!) I have found new inspiration, which is probably the most important thing for inspiring artist. Not in what to create in art but how to find it through my soul, heart, and lastly mind. I have also moved my Art Space up to our home office. I have been doing weekly art Skype session with a friend “Tim Duong” (an amazing artist & person). SO I will upload more art tomorrow! I have been trying to do a new piece once a week at the very least. Thank you viewers for your patience.